Hike Yourself Happy in Bavaria

I’ve been bitten by that pesky trekking bug.

I’ve basically kissed goodbye to spin classes, body attack and circuits this year in Germany and decided it was time to get back to basics in terms of getting my body moving.  I’m not saying I won’t do these type of fitness classes again, I love them too, and I couldn’t quite say goodbye to pilates this year, but I have really come to discover the benefits to my body (and my purse) when just doing a simple activity in the great outdoors. And the mountains surrounding Munich are AMAZING!  Its your own little ‘Himmel auf Erden.’

aaaaand there’s nothing better than some refreshments when you hit that ‘am Gipfel Buzz’ (gipfel = summit)

IMG_0117 DSC_0226 DSC_0206 DSC_0159

And apparently – hiking heals. I know wow surprise, surprise – excercise is good for you.  But there’s something more to hiking: The fresh air, the overwhelming sense of nature, the cardiovascular excercise.  I’m no medical expert but find it difficult to dispute these facts! I suppose it is a sort of unintentional therapy. SO yeah, hike for health! 

I love walking. Just NOT in and around Marienplatz (city centre) or the Olympia Einkaufszentrum (shopping centre).  You know that feeling of just AGGGHGGH when having to wind in an out of crowds? It honestly adds grey hairs to my head and this is why I avoid busy places at all times, my main tactic being not going into the city centre on Saturdays. Well, getting up a mountain sort of is the complete opposite of this feeling. You bump into one or two hippy German families but apart from that you feel as though you have the Alps to yourself. Lush green pastures, magnifitastic mountain peaks and overall BERG BLISS.

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The pictures never ever do the mountain views justice – I’m always dissapointed in the way my cameras fail to catch the magic of the depth and the colours.  I did however get a go pro camera as a gift so I am very excited to try it out next weekend!  I am always so excited to receive the panoramic price at the top after the trek and I’m looking forward to being able to capture the dramatic landscapes.

There’s something about completing a mountain and sitting on the train back with a pure sense of accomplishment (whilst craving chinese food) that is so satisfying.  I’v got a step counter/distance calculator (Jawbone) and we always hike far more than we expect – last weekend was 22km (32,000 steps)! It really ignites a spark of purpose in you. It’s refreshing, just like taking an hour-long yoga class.

In conclusion, if I ever tell you to ‘take a hike’ please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not being rude, I’m trying to do you a favour. Those blisters are definitely worth it on the Monday (note to self – purchase better fitting socks).

In my experience..

Hikers are happier 🙂 

Hikes pictured:

  • Eckbauer
  • Aueralm 
  • Partnachtklamm
  • Berchtesgaden (Eagle’s Nest)