60 hours in Prague

So I’m just back from a weekend away to Prague. The home of the birth place of Kafka, the home of the largest castle in the world, the home of the John Lennon wall and the home of many controversial statues.. as well as the home to many many other beautiful things. This gothic city with its Slavic language (it is like they played a game of: how many consonants can you squeeze into one word?!) is so close to Munich but feels like a different world.

It only took us 5 hours to get to the Czech Republic but walking around Prague’s old town is like being transported back in time. Or like you are a character in a fairy tale. This city centre was one of the only places in Europe to survive WW2 almost completely intact.


However, amidst the beautifully old architecture popped up a Tescos, a TGI Fridays and Hooters and loads of other Western brands. These seemed at complete odds in the middle of a medieval and romantic city filled with Baroque clock towers. (Not going to deny the fact I squealed in delight at seeing a Tesco though.)


We visited the Communism museum on Sunday and I really must admit that I did not know much about the Velvet Revolution in 1989 that took place in this little country before this trip. Can I use the excuse that I wasn’t born yet? It seems as though the city has really picked itself up and is home to a now wonderful atmosphere and I hear that it even won the European City of Culture in 2000. Although Prague is very geographically central in Europe, I did feel like I was in a much more ‘Eastern’ European country. I really felt abroad. But I think it was a great experience for me – being in an unfamiliar situation really keeps you on your toes. Being human is to feel things and that’s what we have to embrcace and not be scared of. But yes, I was definitely out of the comfort zone, so to say. I mean, c’mon, the post boxes were orange.


We also visited the biggest nightclub in central Europe which featured an Ice Bar, an 80s disco room and a laser dance room. This night was full of laughs and absinthe but more and more on this year abroad I find that you can do silly things. And you can also do serious things. And those things are not contradictory.

ice bar

I’m very happy to be back in my little house in Munich but I very much enjoyed my weekend away from reality (especially as the search for the perfect winter coat was also successful in Prague).

I’m also glad that I visited this beautiful city before it has entered the Eurozone. I’m just saying.. a Snickers chocolate bar was the equivalent of around 9p. I’m not joking kids. BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS.