About Me

  • Shetland/Edinburgh/Munich
  • LLB law and German student/lifeguard
  • The University of Edinburgh/Ludwig Maximilians Universität
  • Avid badminton player and reader (check my goodreads account)
  • Me

This blog is to be a sort of travel diary and is totally different to the usual academic style of writing that I am used to.. so bear with me! You can also follow my pictures on Instagram here.  Through this blog, maybe the distance between Shetland and Munich won’t seem so ma-hoosive after all. Thanks for joining me on this adventure to Germany! 🙂


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    We are two girls that are writing a blog abour our Erasmus, one has her experience right now in Spain and the other was an Erasmus in Italy.

    We have our own blog (http://beforeandaftererasmus.blogspot.com.es/) where we write about our experience during our Erasmus. We read your blog and it is fascinating what you are writing there! Congrats and keep going!

    The reason that we are writing to you is because it will be a kindly pleasure for us to add your blog on our blogroll that we are creating right now. In this way, our readers can find our more and more experience of Erasmus people! And, of course, it would be super nice to add our blog to your blogroll 🙂

    What do you say? Shall we become bloggers friends? 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Two Erasmus girls 🙂


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