The Semesterferien (break between Jan-April in the semester) are coming to an end and it is almost time to start my second semester here in Munich.  Despite still not knowing some of my exam results from first semester (German efficiency – a myth?), I’m really excited to get back into studying.

Easter weekend has just been and it was certainly a HUGE deal here in Munich.  I don’t know if that’s due to it being a really religious area – or just due to their love of bank holidays?  THREE bank holidays in four days.. I mean.. come on Germany.. I’m really not sure that’s what Jesus would have wanted. And the one day out of four that wasn’t a bank holiday was a SUNDAY.  And if you’ve read my previous blogs or ever been to Munich you know that nothing happens on Sundays and everything is shut anyway.

Anyway, this semester should be great.  I’m really glad to be beginning to feel properly settled here. In the beginning it just felt like I knew Munich quite well but know it feels like Munich sort of knows me too. I’m also currently lathering on the after sun after slightly underestimating the Bavarian sun.

I’m happy to be getting back into a routine again.  However I have no intentions of becoming one of those people who settle into a routine and nothing upsets them and nothing excites them.  I mean the sort of.. 10 hours a week routine.. and the rest can do what it wants.

I’ve done a load of stuff with the time off uni but last week I travelled for the third time to Neuschwanstein on Monday.  Neuschwanstein is King Ludwig II of Bavaria’s most famous castle.  We were lucky enough to experience it in the snow and it was definutely magical. (Yes there was snow last week and then 20 degree sun this week.. to say April in Munich is unpredictable would be an understatement. I sort of sympathise with and have an appreciation for this unpredictability though as I was an April baby and see a lot of April’s qualities in myself).

DSC_0164 DSC_0180 DSC_0185 DSC_0207

If you can endure the journey from Munich and then the hike to the top of the hill to see the castle you’re doing well – even writing about it is wearing me out. King Ludwig, the so-called fairy tale King, was a mysterious man.  His history is so rich (also in the literal sense of the word) and interesting and if anyone is interested in royal history it is definitely a must read.

Apart from that, I don’t really know how to begin an update of all the stuff I’ve been upto in the past three months – but it has involved working a lot, being visited by friends and family, two weeks of modelling for the uni magazine (LOL), working, teaching, getting employed to teach body language (LOL x 2), finishing 5 amazing books (left 3 more unfinished.. life’s too short to read books you don’t like I always say), getting on the wrong U-Bahn numerous times, rollerblading, discovering the wonders of garlic salt.. and apparently not a lot of blogging! But we shall fix that in the coming months.

I have also discovered a whole new world of DOUBLE DECKER TRAINS. Such fun.

It is my 21st birthday on Monday.  At home lots of people regard the 21st birthday as a big one which deserves extra celebratory fun.  I’m not really sure exactly why.. 21 doesn’t hold any significance in terms of ability to do more things or having any more rights in the UK.  Anyway, a birthday is a birthday and this year my birthday happens to fall on the day we go back to Uni after our three month break.. An unhappy coincidence! Hope to enjoy it all the same and don’t imagine I’ll feel any older as normal – except for the fact I like red wine now.. mature?

Anyway this has been a rather rambley blog! Hope to gather my thoughts a bit better next time.

OH and I managed to secure an internship in Edinburgh in the summer in a law firm! Very happy. Time to buy more adulty type clothes now though.. sigh.. 

P.s If you ever come to Bavaria.. beware of the WEIßWURST! (white sausage).  I know that Münchners love it and that its part of their tradition to eat it with a pretzel and some mustard but.. I mean STRIKE ONE: it’s boiled!! A boiled sausage. You also have to REMOVE THE SKIN before eating it.  And its SOFT.  0/10.  I was told it is the Bavarian equivalent to our Haggis but in no way whatsoever did it fill the Haggis shaped whole in my heart that has formed due to missing Rabbie Burns night.  

(bear in mind that I had to eat this sausage for a uni magazine shoot, whilst pretending to laugh and smile and enjoy myself. Let’s just say that I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy). 


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