Vienna verified.

We spent a long weekend in Austria’s beautiful capital city, Vienna.

We began our journey on the bus. The bus driver apologised profusely that we were ‘behind schedule’ as we left at 1503 and not 1500.  Typical Germans.

We then arrived at our Air BnB flat (an amazing website that I would definitely reccommend!).  It was set in ‘District 1’ of Vienna which made me feel like I was part of the Hunger Games and it was beautiful.  We were extremely lucky to live like princesses for the weekend.  And this even included a champagne breakfast (admittedly Vienna is very cheap…).

At the ‘Kantine’ in the Museums Quarter. Sunday Brunch is a huge thing in Vienna.  Vienna is really quite on Sundays, like Munich a lot of shops and places are closed.  But brunching is the Sunday activity as we discovered when trying to get in to any cafe and all the tables were reserved!

And of course there are the obvious differences like Vienna being hillier, it was a bit scruffier – not that it was dirty, more that it emphaised just how impeccably CLEAN Munich is.

The very bright orange Ubahn has magazines that you can read.
Baroque Cathedral

DSC_0019 DSC_0080 DSC_0113 DSC_0143

It is obvious to see how the likes of Mozart and Beethoven found so much inspiration in this city. It is a very dramatic setting – think Sturm und Drang and you’ll get the idea.

Schönbrunn Palace 

The castle
The palace

It is fabulous. Beautiful and enchanting – even although we visited at this kind of dull time of year; the snow is gone and the sky is a bit grey and the flowers haven’t yet bloomed.  These transitional months are sort of the worst and I hope they pass by quickly. The tour was great and it told the story of the families that lived there and I found that the story of Empress  Elisabeth of Austria (and Queen of Hungary) particularly spoke to me and I found her history so fascinating.  She was assisinated in 1898 and was married to Franz Joseph I.  She was born into Bavarian royalty and was therefore brought up quite informally but when she was married to Franz at 16 she had to coform to a much more formal way of life and suffered because of this which wasn’t helped with the occurrence of a million family tragedies such as a mysterious murder suicide of her only son Rudolph.  Franz Joseph was passionately in love with imaginative and artistic Elisabeth but this was unfortunately not reciprocated  and she is quoted:

 “Marriage is an absurd arrangement. One is sold as a fifteen-year-old child and makes a vow one does not understand and then regrets for thirty years or more, and which one can never undo again.”

 I mean, she was also first cousins with the main man Ludwig II of Bavaria (i.e. my favourite king ever) and he was her favourite cousin so I couldn’t help but love her.


Vienna was beatiful and we really enjoyed our weekend there.  We managed to squeeze a lot into the four days and a personal highlight of mine was seeing the Opera – we got to listen to ‘an der schönen blauen Donau’ (on the Danube) in Vienna – too cool . Oh and the butterfly house is a must see if you like flying insects!


I’m back in Munich now and enjoying it more than ever – even felt a little homesick for Munich when I was away. It is good to be back to the more direct Germans, the Austrians are definitely more laid back.  Last night I went to a bar and was stopped on the door by the bouncer – naturally I started fishing around for my ID and that’s the reason bouncers always stop me (I’m a mini 5 foot).  But nope, he simply said ‘No no, not ID, I just want to know.. HOW SMALL are your feet?!’ It’s great to be back Germany!

I am excited to take some time out now from travelling and just getting to see different places and eat in different cafés in Munich now. I do love travelling but I also believe that there’s so much value in staying still now and again.

But I am so grateful to be able to travel to so many places.  You got to travel now and do the things you want to do NOW – don’t wait til you have more money or til you have more time – just do it and make it work! Who knows what might happen next week and nothing is guaranteed. 

Not sure what is going on in this photo and don’t suppose I will ever find out. But important questions go unanswered and we still live on.

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