Iridescence & Illogical Interviews

Yes I used alliteration in the title of this blog post and yes I am sorry for that.

As I said in my previous blog post – job hunting can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. But I have learned that when you look back on things that once confused and annoyed you – they can be quite amusing.

I had interest from an international law firm about my CV and application to become a part time translator and helper in the office. One of the head partners got in touch with me. I found this strange as normally student part time jobs are dealt with by people much lower down. As our contact went on with various phonecalls and emails, I learned just how busy he was. Which was obvious – he was a head partner. I continued to get more and more confused with why he wasn’t delegating dealing with me to someone else. We finally arranged a time for an interview inbetween his meetings.


I turned up to his office ready for our interview. I waited until he was free between meetings and we went into one of the conference rooms. The questions began very strangely indeed. ‘Are you good with children?’ ‘I see you were a lifeguard, are you a really good swimmer?’ ‘How good is your written English and grammar?’ I answered but with a puzzled look on my face. The partner then switched to English (to practice) and said he had 4 opportunities for me.

  1. Teaching his six-year old daughter to swim
  2. Privately tutoring him in English grammar twice a week
  3. Help to translate his wife’s book

You can imagine my confusion. Emmm.. I thought I was here for a job in the office? He mentioned he would have to dicuss that with his other colleagues.

So I didn’t come out of that interview with a job in the office but I did come out as a swimming teacher, a novel translator and a private language tutor. Not what I signed up for.  Having said that this events of this year abroad are not really what I signed up for.. but I love them.  Living in Germany hits me with more and more obscure situations every day.

Now you may be wondering what the ‘iridescence’ (as seen in the adaquately cringy title) part of this blog is about. I saw iridescent clouds on my walk home!

These pictures don’t do it justice but the colours were very vivid.


Apparently this rare phenomena is a once in a life time type thing! I feel so lucky to have seen them.  I really will hold my hands up and say I don’t know much about science but these rainbow clouds are formed when ice particles or small droplets of water cause the light from the sun to diffract and it gives us the colour effect.

This particular cloud had a very colourful lining!


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