Sunsets and Solace

I went home to Scotland for Christmas and although our time together was but short – it was fun.

So as I said hello to Germany again I also said hello to January. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to wish my life away but I normally can’t wait til January is over. I miss Up Helly Aa (celebration in Shetland) due to uni, it’s always dark outside and the weather is miserable WITHOUT even the promise of Christmas. It’s just a gloomy month and to be fair to January, Christmas is a tough act for any month to follow. And this year I even have exams in January. It’s a fairly dreich month, as we would say in Scotland. LEBENSMÜDE!! (life tiredness. tired of life.)


…has been the January to top all Januarys.

Reason number 1 – I got a job in a German law firm! I am now officially European chic. I will say  ‘ciao’ when I leave the office. Job hunting is really an emotional coaster and I can tell you for free that phone interviews are the work of the devil when they involve bad signal and a different language – however I did manage to not fall off that roller coaster and things are great.

Reason number 2 – The weather has been outstanding.  None of this gloomy dark stuff. The weather back home was pretty disappointing. In Scotland it rains sideways if you know what I mean. But the weather is really making it easier to get outside more and that was in fact one of my resolutions – to get my butt into the great outdoors a bit more often. I know a lot of people hate and moan about the whole clichéd New Year New Start thing and put others down about it and I agree it can be a bit annoying and yes people should try to be the best versions of themselves all year round. But actually if the year changing is the thing that gives you the motivation to do new things and be a better person then that’s fine – what’s the problem? (Clue: there is not a problem.)

Picture of the sunset two days ago.  Just taken on my Iphone I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.
Picture of the sunset two days ago. Just taken on my Iphone I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.
Less showy-offy sunset yesterday from the highest hill in the Olympic park
Less showy-offy sunset yesterday from the highest hill in the Olympic park
Calm night yesterday
Calm night yesterday
Out for a walk with my two frien
Out for a walk with my two friends

Reason number 3 – The sunsets are incredible! I mean the pictures speak for themselves but I can tell you that there’s nothing more special than standing on top of the Olympic park hill and being able to momentarily escape your crazy thoughts and feel like you are being transported into a fairy tale world where the sky is burning. .. Just me? Maybe exam stress is actually getting to me more than I thought! Ha.

Reason number 4 – Autumn is officially over and the obnoxious early morning leaf blowing machines have finally disappeared.

And it is supposed to snow this weekend!

There’s been lots of other things going on in life such as I bought a pair of black boots that I don’t even really like purely because they are practical and fur-lined for the cold. I actually chose practicality over fashion. I am becoming German.  Well maybe not quite – yesterday I was in the supermarket and they only had a few tills open and the queues were starting to get sort of long but nothing compared to the co-op back home.  A woman from the back of the queue bellowed to the cashier ‘ANOTHER TILL OPEN PLEASE’ and not one person batted an eye lid.  Another till was opened. I stood in shock at how bold she had been. But yet in awe at how effective.  SO maybe I have a bit of a long way to go before actually becoming German.

So it has been a month of coincidences among chaos and I’m not complaining the way I would normally do in January.  Happy new year to everyone and all the best in 2015! Prosit Neujahr!

P.s. small tip for anyone thinking about doing a year abroad in Germany: you know how we use Kleenex tissues at this time of year when we all have a snotty nose?  Well in Germany the popular brand of tissues is ‘Tempo’.  When said in a German accent this will sound like tampon.  SO when someone asks for a Tempo, do not hand them a small feminine hygeine product made from absorbent material. This will lead to embarrassment. Mark my words.



3 thoughts on “Sunsets and Solace

  1. lol! I can see how misinterpreting the German name for a Kleenex tissue could prove problematic.

    Congrats on the job – well done!

    Thanks again for your entertaining blog All the best Carole

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