On Contradictions

The more time I spend travelling around Bavaria, the more I can’t get away from the fact that there are so many beautiful contradictions in this corner of the world.

It’s the perfect mix of old and new – from forward thinking green renewables and recycling to picture perfect castles nestled in the alps. Where I live in the Olympic park, swans glide around a lake placed in an unspoiled landscape – next to an impeccably maintained Autobahn filled with brand new, top spec BMWs zooming along at 120km/hr.

A mountain top tiny village we stumbled upon, just after we walked through the Partnachklamm gorge on Sunday.
Porsche Pavillion
Bavaria is a Catholic state and the place is brimming with breath-taking cathedrals.

Shops that shut on a Sunday to mark the day of rest and the lack of wifi connection everywhere you go is just unimaginable in the UK, with our 24 hour Tescos (Germans gasp in awe that these exist) and internet in almost every shop and cafe. In Germany there are butchers and bakeries on every street corner, and they’re busy. There can be upto 4 bakeries on the same street, and they are all full of normal people. I always just grab my meat and my baked goods at a supermarket back home, it’s sort of sad. I feel like Bavaria is better in touch with its past than we are in the UK.
However this massively contradicts with the clean, futuristic environmentally friendly techonolgy and amazingly well thought out ideas and projects that the place has to boast. The modernity of the area is clear. Just one example being the astonishing transport system around Munich – it is faultless and everything runs like clockwork, with your ticket you can enjoy the underground, the trams, the buses and the overgrounds trains.  The train stations are all decorated differently – flowers for one station, a mosaic for the next.  All so that illterate people can differentiate between stations.  Its little things like that that are so impressive.

A tiny and traditional beer garden, equipped with lederhosen and music, we found at the top of Eckbauer – a mountain we climbed yesterday.
Nymphenburg Palace – where King Ludwig was born and spent some of his childhood. I can only hope that the buildings we build nowadays will hold so much beauty and be enjoyed as much by our descendants as we enjoy the buildings of our ancestors.
Two towers displaying brand new Volkswagen cars.
Motorway under the Olympic Park
Motorway under the Olympic Park

I could go on all day about the different contradictions that I have slowly come to love in this place. But I won’t. It just seems to me more and more than these contradictions compliment each other beautifully and go in hand in hand – there is no conflict.

I feel that we, as humans, are also full of contradictions and are not one thing or the other and that this is why I have become so fond of this region. I’m having such a good time but I know it is going to fly by and that before I know it, it will be over.  I’m making memories that I can’t wait to feel nostalgic about. I think I’m going to have be dragged kicking and screaming back to Scotland at the end of next year.


4 thoughts on “On Contradictions

  1. Thanks again for your insightful update Jennifer. Enjoyed it very much. It is always interesting when we visit and meet new countries and their people and customs. Have fun! Cheers

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Great post on the contradictions you have found in Bavaria. You are right about the traditional shops versus the 24-hour hypermarkets. I think that the mainland of Europe has resisted the march of consumerism better than the UK.


  3. Hi Jennifer. I’m not a stalker…I’m Ellen’s dad and spotted your blog through her. I love your insights into life in Munich and they seem pretty consistent with Ellen’s experience. I encouraged her to blog but I think she is keeping a journal instead.
    Your writing is very good. Funny and sensitive. Far too good for a lawyer 😉
    Keep up the good work


    Dougie Atkinson


    • Hi Dougie! Thanks very much for the comment, really appreciate it! I really just use the blog as a form of procrastination – I feel like it isn’t a coincidence that I always seem to have a sudden idea for a post at the same time an essay needs writing or an article needs reading 🙂 I have seen some of Ellen’s book she has made and it is brilliant. We’re both so lucky to have this experience!
      Glad you enjoyed.


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